Getting started

Before you can run Dyon programs, you need to do the following:

  1. Install Rust.
  2. Open up the Terminal window
  3. Type cargo new --bin <project name>

Open up "Cargo.toml" and add the following:

dyon = "0.36.0"

Open up "src/" and type:

extern crate dyon;

use dyon::{error, run};

fn main() {

Hello World example

Source code: examples/hello_world

Put this in "src/main.dyon":

fn main() {
    println("Hello world!")

In the terminal window, go to the "hello_world" folder and type:

$ cargo run

This should print out:

Hello world!


You might have noticed:

  • Dyon has no ";" at the end of lines
  • The "fn" keyword is used by both Rust and Dyon
  • The "main" function is called when running the program
  • Double quotes "" are used for text

Some things you can try:

  1. Put your name inside the text!
  2. Add a new line where you print out something else!
  3. Change "println" to "print" and see what happens!