Struct gif::Frame [] [src]

pub struct Frame<'a> {
    pub delay: u16,
    pub dispose: DisposalMethod,
    pub transparent: Option<u8>,
    pub needs_user_input: bool,
    pub top: u16,
    pub left: u16,
    pub width: u16,
    pub height: u16,
    pub interlaced: bool,
    pub palette: Option<Vec<u8>>,
    pub buffer: Cow<'a, [u8]>,

A GIF frame


Frame delay in units of 10 ms.

Disposal method.

Transparent index (if available).

True if the frame needs user input do be displayed.

Offset from the top border of the canvas.

Offset from the left border of the canvas.

Width of the frame.

Height of the frame.

True if the image is interlaced.

Frame local color palette if available.

Buffer containing the image data. Only indices unless configured differently.


impl Frame<'static>

Creates a frame from pixels in RGBA format.

Note: This method is not optimized for speed.

Creates a frame from pixels in RGB format.

Note: This method is not optimized for speed.

Trait Implementations

impl<'a> Debug for Frame<'a>

Formats the value using the given formatter.

impl<'a> Clone for Frame<'a>

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impl<'a> Default for Frame<'a>

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