Struct gif::Encoder [] [src]

pub struct Encoder<W: Write> { /* fields omitted */ }

GIF encoder.


impl<W: Write> Encoder<W>

Creates a new encoder.

global_palette gives the global color palette in the format [r, g, b, ...], if no global palette shall be used an empty slice may be supplied.

Writes the global color palette.

Writes a frame to the image.

Note: This function also writes a control extension if necessary.

Writes an extension to the image.

It is normally not necessary to call this method manually.

Writes a raw extension to the image.

This method can be used to write an unsupported extesion to the file. func is the extension identifier (e.g. Extension::Application as u8). data are the extension payload blocks. If any contained slice has a lenght > 255 it is automatically divided into sub-blocks.

Trait Implementations

impl<W: Write> Drop for Encoder<W>

A method called when the value goes out of scope. Read more